Friday, January 31, 2020

This Week's Frugal Tasks Saturday 1st February 2020

I've had a very productive week in the kitchen with lots of cooking,  baking and bottling of goodies.  Darren has been kept busy out in the garden tidying things up now that Luka is on the move.  We are looking at everything with the eyes of a child.  Luka has become Darren's little shadow when he's over here visiting.  Mind you,  Darren is the one who takes Luka outside to feed the chickens, pull some weeds and to enjoy time on the deck with Darren drinking tea and Luka playing on his toys.

Here's what else we've been up to -

*  Baked four loaves of wholemeal bread with extra goodness.  We've been enjoying this as toast each morning with homemade jam on top.  Absolutely delicious.

*  Made up a bulk amount of salmon patties.  We had some for dinner that night and the rest went into the freezer in meal sizes.  From 2 tins of salmon we made 27 patties.

*  We've been picking one zucchini every couple of days.  I found a recipe on Facebook for zucchini fritters.  As per usual I changed the recipe to suit out tastes and to add more flavour.  Darren has been cooking them on the bbq.  They are delicious and super easy to make.  We've served them with tomato sauce or sour cream.  Darren also likes them cold.  The recipe will be coming soon.

*  Made 3 jars of jam using frozen berries Jessica left behind when she moved out.  I have a cleaning client who loves berry jam so 2 jars will be sold to her.

*  Made a big batch of cranberry hootycreek biscuits.  Some dough was cooked and the rest went into the freezer.  My brother,  sister in law and niece came over for a cuppa last Sunday.  I was able to give them a completely homemade afternoon tea of scones from the freezer served with raspberry jam ( yum  !! ) and the cranberry hootycreeks.

*  Picked silverbeet from our garden to add to the zucchini fritters.  We have also been picking lettuce to go in our salads with the warmer weather.

Cleaned the kettle with citric acid  It really comes up clean again. like it's new.  We've tried vinegar and it didn't work at all.

*  Made 7 1/2 jars of tomato relish from tomatoes we were given.  I'm very excited about making the relish.  Over the last couple of years I haven't had enough tomatoes at one time to make relish.  We enjoy it on chicken,  silverside and deli meats.  My Dad is a big fan of the relish so he'll be getting a jar with his birthday present coming up soon.  I'll also be selling a few jars which will recoup all the ingredients cost.

*  Saved the washing machine rinse water for each next lad.  I've also saved Luka's bath water when he's here.  Megan doesn't have a bath where she lives ( modern homes apparently don't need them ).  So Luka gets very excited to see the bath at our place and Nana is very happy to give him lots of water playtime.  We also saved the shower warm up water.  With the weather warming up we are trying to recycle as much water as possible for the garden too.

*  Bought more Sukin products from our local op shop at rock bottom prices ( $1.50 per bottle )  Both our girls have recently announced to me that they love everything Sukin so that's what they are getting for birthdays and Christmas.  I was also given a few bottles so they have been put away for presents too.  Just when I thought our gift budget was looking a bit grim,  I've had blessings come my way that have really helped.

*  Up until a couple of days ago we've had really mild weather.  We haven't had to use our evap cooling much at all this Summer.  We are hoping this is reflected in our next electricity bill.  I also got out a electric fan from the shed and Darren assembled it.  This really helps with airflow on the 40+ degree days.

*  Cooked all meals from scratch and froze leftovers.  We've also stuck to the menu plan and only moved a few meals around to suit the day.

*  Gratefully received a bag of plums from my Dad's tree.  Some will be eaten and the rest will be made into jam.

Homemade tomato relish

Zucchini fritters

Homemade bread

How have you saved time,  money and energy this week ?

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