Friday, October 11, 2019

This Week's Frugal Tasks Saturday 12th October 2019

This week's list is an extra long one that spans two weeks.  We were quite busy last weekend trying to get our home and garden in order after being away a few times over the last three months.  We still have a long way to go but at least our garden is starting to look like a garden and not a jungle.  Princess our cat can no longer hide in the tall grass and weeds like a tiger.

The following frugal tasks are in order as they were completed so there might be a few repeats.  Hey, they all saved us a little money here and there.

*  Made a batch of pumpkin scones using pureed pumpkin I'd frozen a few months ago.  The scones were frozen for a future afternoon tea.

*  Refilled the foaming hand wash pumps around the home using diluted shower gel.

*  Saved the shower warm up water and poured it into the washing machine.

*  Dried the washing on clothes horses over the ducted heating vents.

*  Gratefully received a few lemons and jam jars from a friend.

*  Used a gift card to see Downton Abbey at the movies on my birthday.

*  I've been busy over the last few weeks converting my pantry storage from plastic into glass.  I picked up 9 large Moccona coffee jars from my local Buy,  Swap,  Sell Facebook page for free.  For each glass jar I offer one handmade greeting card.  The offers flooded in and I'm well on my way to getting rid of the old plastic containers.  The plastic containers are being reused around the home and garden sheds for non food storage.

*  Made a trip to the Dandenong Market with Megan to buy our fruit and veg.  I'm pleased to say we found better prices on a few things and enjoyed ourselves for a couple of hours.  We are going to do this every fortnight to help reduce our grocery bills.

*  Gratefully received rosemary,  sage,  thyme,  tomato seeds and  pumpkin seeds from a family member..  I already have the herbs hanging up to dry in paper bags.

*  Dried most of the washing outside.  Only uniforms were put in the dryer.

*  When Darren was returning a supermarket trolley to the collection point,  he found an abandoned trolley with a bag of apples and oranges in it.  I gratefully received them and filled up the fruit crisper in the fridge.

*  Picked and dried rosemary from our garden.  I've blitzed it into a powder which sticks better to the  vegetables I'm roasting.

*  Made a pot of chicken stock using a carcass.  The next day I turned it into a chunky chicken and veggie soup which gave us 10 serves.

*  Ate freezer meals for two dinners.

*  Washed and reused ziplock bags a few times over.  I don't use them too often but they do come in handy when we are away on holidays and saves room in the suitcase for food items.

*  Received lemons and mandarins from a friend.

*  Sorted out the linen cupboard and recycled old hand towels into mop up cloths for the laundry cupboard.  Once they are too old for that purpose,  they become cleaning cloths for my work.

Baking ingredients stored in glass jars

Large Moccona jars used for storage

Luka and Poppy trying to go to sleep

How did you save money this week ?

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