Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Don't Throw Out Your Dishwashing Liquid Bottles.

At a time when many people are trying to reduce their plastic waste,  finding ways to reuse what they have is a money saver as well as reducing the  environmental  impact.

Before any plastic container is thrown into the recycling bin,  I always try to find ways to reuse it around the home.  The humble dishwashing liquid bottle is no exception. Large and small bottles can be used as follows -

*  Disinfectant comes in large bottles and is hard to pour out in measured / portioned quantities.  I decant it into dishwashing liquid bottles to use on smelly washing in the washing machine.  The squirty lid makes it easy to control the flow.

*  Decant white vinegar into a dishwashing liquid bottle to squirt into the mop bucket.  Use with boiling water to wash your floors.

*  Those large bottles of laundry liquid are heavy to use and the lids seem to leak over the outside of the bottle.  Trying to measure out one capful of liquid without it dripping everywhere is challenging to say the least.  Carefully fill up  a dishwashing liquid bottle,  screw the lid on and use the squirty lid to portion the liquid into your washing machine.  Go one step further and dilute the liquid 1 part liquid to 4 or 5 parts water for fantastic laundry savings.

*  Keep a bottle of heavily diluted dishwashing liquid in your bathroom for cleaning showers and sinks.  Super cheap and works really well.

*  Foaming hand wash is a great product to use.  Make your own by diluting shower gel 1 part gel to 4 parts water.  Store it in a large dishwashing liquid bottle for refilling your hand wash pumps around your home.

How do you reuse dishwashing liquid bottles ?

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