Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Permanent Markers Save Money

Permanent markers have many uses around the home,  school and office.  Have you thought about their money saving ways ?  Here are a few ways I use them around my home -

*  When leftovers are ready to be frozen  I label the containers with a length of masking tape and use a permanent marker to write the name of the meal,  date and how many serves.  This is  a great way to rotate stock in the freezer to avoid freezer burn or guessing what the mystery package is.

*  I've had a few items of black clothing splashed with a fine spray of bleach.  A permanent marker is fabulous for coloring in the little  bleach spots.

*  The outer layer of shoes can get damaged showing the underlying layer.  I use  a  permanent marker to color in the damage.  No need to buy another pair of shoes.

*  Scruff marks on black hand bags can be colored in with a permanent marker.  Just buff off any excess ink to avoid damaging your clothes and other surfaces.

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