Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Drying The Washing In Winter

Drying the washing when it's raining and cold outside can be a challenge.  Using the dryer for everything adds huge costs to the power bill.  Here are a few simple ways to get your washing dry fairly quickly and without a dozen clothes horses hanging around.

*  Heavy jumpers and jeans can be hung on coat hangers then hung on the shower door rail  If you have a ducted heating vent in there,  close the door to keep the heat in.

*  Ducted heating vents in the floor are wonderful for drying the washing fairly quickly.  Try to hang the washing on the clothes horse so that there aren't too many gaps on the outside wrungs.  Lay a tea towel or hand towel over the top to create a hot house.  Place the washing directly over the ducted heating vent.  Another alternative  is to wrap an old flannelette sheet around the outside of the clothes horse.

*  Ducted heating vents in bathrooms are very effective.  The bathroom is small compared to the other rooms in a home and the temperature can be higher there.  Make the most of the heat and place a loaded clothes horse in the bath ( out of the way ) or over the ducted heating vent.  I've had towels dry within two hours by placing them over the vent.

*  Frequent washing throughout the week makes it easy to keep on top of the never ending clothes pile.  If you have a family to wash for,  try doing one load a day.  Dealing with one load is better than dealing with three at a time.  This will drastically deduce the urge to throw everything in the dryer.

*  When all else fails and you are desperate for space to hang the washing,  use door frames to hang coat hangers.

*  The obvious way to dry washing is to place a loaded clothes horse in front of a wall heater.  Please be cautious and leave a safe distance.

How do you dry your washing when it's cold and wet ?

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