Tuesday, July 16, 2019

3 Ways To Use Bread Crusts

Have you ever wondered what to do with leftover bread crusts ?  Do you throw them out ?  Bread crusts can be used to make many delicious treats with little cost.  Here are three ideas to use bread crust that I personally use in my kitchen -

*  Blitz,  dry and season to make seasoned bread crumbs.  They can be used to coat chicken drumsticks,  salmon patties,  bind ingredients together in hamburger patties,  meatloaves and sausage rolls.  They make a great tasty topping for potato bakes,  tuna mornays and casseroles.  Here's my recipe for Dried seasoned bread crumbs

*  Make a delicious bread pudding in the slow cooker.  Spread the crusts with a jam of choice,  cut into large pieces then place in the slow cooker.  Add the liquid ingredients then cook for three hours.  A very thrifty dessert.  Here's my recipe for Bread Pudding

*  No pastry in the freezer ?  Use flattened out bread crusts instead of pastry in your pie maker.

tearing the crusts ready to blitz

Fine bread crumbs

Drying in the oven

coating salmon patties

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