Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Stockpiling For Winter

As Winter fast approaches, our minds start to think about those hearty meals  we love to eat.   Have you thought about stockpiling your cooking and baking ingredients ?  Being ready for the change of season eating will make menu planning easy.  Having everything on hand for stews,  casseroles,  roasts and baked desserts saves money ( avoiding takeaway ),  time ( no unnecessary trips to the supermarket )  and your sanity.

Here's a list of the ingredients I stockpile as the weather cools down -

*  Corn Flour
*  Sugar - white and brown
*  Cocoa Powder - unsweetened
*  Rolled oats and quick oats
*  Tinned fruit for cobbler and crumble desserts
*  Flour - Self Raising and Plain
*  Tinned Soups -tomato,  cream of chicken and cream of celery for casseroles and slow cooking
*  Tinned Tomatoes
*  Tinned Corn
*  Creamed Corn
*  French Onion Soup Mix
*  Chicken Noodle Soup Mix
*  Curry Powder
*  Coconut Cream
*  Gravy Powder
*  Stock Powder - vegetable,  chicken and beef
*  Custard Powder

What do you stockpile for Winter cooking and baking ?

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