Friday, March 1, 2019

This Week's Frugal Tasks Saturday 2nd March 2019

Thankyou for all your well wishes regarding Megan's baby shower last Saturday.  It was a lovely morning with family,   friends,  yummy food and a few party games.  Megan and Kurt received some beautiful ( and cute ) baby clothes,  toys and accessories to help with the coming baby.

The rest of the week was spent sewing,  helping Megan organise a few baby related things and surviving Melbourne's latest heatwave.  We've lived on salads,  bbqs,  cold meats and fruit with very little cooking done in the kitchen.  Darren was thrilled to use HIS bbq many nights.

Here's what else we got up to this week -

*  Sewed up some baby wraps for when Megan's baby is born.  The leftover scrap material was sewn onto $3 Kmart towels I had on hand.  Megan and Kurt were thrilled with all the goodies.

*  Saved the washing machine rinse water and shower warm up water to reuse where I could.

*  Baked four loaves of wholemeal bread with extra goodness.

*  Kept the curtains closed on the hot days and used the electric fans when needed before using the evap cooling.

*  Stayed away from the shops as much as possible.  I only went to Spotlight for material and the supermarket for needed groceries.

*  Picked tomatoes and raspberries from the garden.

*  Cooked all meals from scratch and ate leftovers a couple of nights.

*  Avoided the need to get my sewing machine serviced ( $150 + ).  I was sewing the baby wraps the other night when the sewing machine broke down.  I Googled all sort of searches,  watched You Tube clips and got onto a sewing Facebook group.  After pulling the machine apart as much as I could,   cleaning it again and putting it back together,  it started working again.  I see this as a miracle.

*  Cooked a piece of silverside in the slow cooker,  cooled and sliced it thinly to serve with salad and potatoes.  The leftover meat was frozen for future  meals.  This worked out much cheaper than buying the meat from the supermarket deli.

*  Emptied hotel bottles of shampoo and conditioner into our bigger bottles and gave it a good shake.  I'm trying to use things up and make more room in the bathroom cupboard.

*  Leftover flowers from Megan's baby shower cake were divided up into four vases to be enjoyed around our home.

*  Completed extra paid cleaning work.

*  Megan made a balloon garland for her baby shower which cost about $5.  We were going to get helium balloons from Spotlight but they were far too dear.  Megan probably saved $60 +.

Baby wraps I sewed up.

Scraps of material sewn onto towels.

Curtain netting used to bundle the wraps up.

Ready for the baby shower

Jessica made the baby shower cake.

Jessica,  Megan and I

What was on your frugal list this week ?

What's your ' go to ' meal in a heatwave ?

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