Friday, February 15, 2019

This Week's Frugal Tasks Saturday 16th February 2019

My frugal list is a little shorter this week.  I'm not sure what filled my days other than work and cleaning my home.  I did manage to rest a little and enjoyed a few Netflix shows.  I'm one of those people who loves any show that features de cluttering,  organisation,  hoarding and cleaning.  I'm always inspired to make my home a little cleaner or more organised.

Here's what else I managed to do when Netflix was turned off -

*  Refilled the dishwashing liquid pumps and diluted it by 30%.

*  Bought more replacement mop heads online with a 20% discount and free shipping.  I've been using the Vileda UltraMax mop and bucket system for 5 years in my home and a few more years at a couple of cleaning jobs.  It has a big microfibre head on it that gets the mopping done very quickly. It also came with a dry mop head which is fabulous to whiz around on the bamboo floors and picks up any dirty,  dust and hairs.  The mop heads last a couple of years with weekly mopping.

*  Made a big batch of mini quiches for Megan's baby shower.  They have been frozen ahead of time.  The eggs came from our chickens, and the tomatoes and silverbeet from our garden.  Not quite a free snack but very cheap indeed.

*  Made a very big lasagne using frozen tomatoes ( from last Summer ).  Darren,  Jessica and I ate a portion for dinner that night and the other 9  single serves went into the freezer.  Lasagne is one of the most labour intensive meals I make,  so when I make it,  it is rationed out over a few months.

*  Darren and I decided against going out for a Valentine's Day dinner.  I'm not a fan of noisy,  crowded restaurants and preferred to spend time with Darren at home.  I did buy a few treats from the supermarket and served up a couple of grazing platters for our dinner.  It was so scrumptious and we were very full.  The leftovers became out lunch yesterday when we were out cleaning.  We probably saved $80 by eating at home.

*  Saved tissue paper that was wrapped around a few items Jessica gave me.  I've got quite a stockpile of tissue paper and I'm making a real effort to reuse it when giving gifts.  I no longer buy gift bags,  wrapping paper or tissue paper by reusing what comes into our home.

*  Decluttered almost 70 items from my kitchen.  I had a bagful for Megan to have and the rest was going to Savers.  Megan pretty much loved everything I was getting rid of and I was left with two plates to take to Savers at some point in the future.  Not a saving for me but a saving for Megan..

*  Gave Jessica a haircut.

*  Bought a couple of  small trays of lamb chops on clearance at Coles.  They were 50% off and the per kilo price came down to $7 kg.  We love lamb chops but their extremely high price has prevented us from having them for almost a year.

*  Ate leftovers from the freezer a couple of nights.  Great for easy dinners when our days have been busy and avoided the takeaway urge.

*  Jessica picked up some discounted Australia Day goodies for 20 cents each.  Darren was thrilled.  He loves anything Aussie.

Jessica's bargains

Valentine's Day savoury platter

Valentine's Day dessert platter

Lasagne for the freezer

For the baby shower

How did you save money this week ?
Do you have a favourite Netflix show ?

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