Tuesday, February 19, 2019

5 Kitchen Utensils That Save Money

Do you have a drawer full of kitchen utensils that seem to be clutter or a waste or space ?    Try viewing them as money savers,  get them out and put them to work.

My utensil drawer

*  Spatulas in all shapes and sizes.  These are great for getting the last bits of Vegemite, peanut butter,  honey,  butter or jam out of their containers.  Scraping the last bit of pancake batter or cake mix from a bowl could yield an extra portion.  Add up these little savings over the life of the spatula and it could amount to significant savings.

Various sized spatulas

*  Packet clips.  They cost a few dollars for a packet of 8 or 10 but could potentially saves you $10 + per clip.  Just twist the top of the chip / biscuit packet closed then pop on the clip to seal it tight.  Much better than  eating stale chips.

Packet clips

*  Upside down bottle holder ( I don't know what else to call it. ).  I bought this item from a catalogue left on my front door step.  When bottles of sauce or salad dressing become low,  turn it upside down and place it in the holder to drain every last drop out.

Bottle holder

*  Measuring cups and spoons.  These utensils are a wonderful way to ensure correct portioning of ingredients.  They also increase the likelihood of the recipe working out when correct measurements are included which also reduces waste.  Years ago I was demonstrating how to make Miracle Spray for a tv story.  The house I was filming in didn't have measuring spoons or cups so I had to estimate the measurements.  Let's just say the Miracle Spray ended up being too soapy ( dish liquid ) and scented too strongly with eucalyptus oil.   Eucalyptus oil is expensive so it needs to be used sparingly.

Measuring spoons and cups

*  Hamburger press.  What a wonderful way to make hamburger patties from scratch without buying the overpriced processed ones from the supermarket.  Making  hamburger patties fresh or having a stockpile in the freezer will save a fortune by eliminating the need to pay for takeaway.  My hamburger press is a Tupperware one that was gifted to me years ago.  Since then I've bought more storage containers for the freezer as well as extra prssses to give as presents.  All bought in the local op shop for $4.  Bargain. 

Hamburger press
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