Friday, January 18, 2019

This Week's Frugal Tasks Saturday 18th January 2019

Melbourne has seen the hot weather return this week.  It was hard to be motivated on these days so I took the time to enjoy some relaxing in front  of the tv.  Most of my cleaning job have started again for the year so I worked three days as well as keeping up with my own housework.

We are having a new deck being built ( as I type ) under our pergola.  We can't wait to have leisurely lunches and dinners out there when it's not too hot or cold.

Here's what else I've been up to  -

*  Packaged up 5 bars of handmade coconut and olive oil soap to give as presents.  All the ribbons etc  I already had on hand.

*  Topped up the cars with petrol while it's cheap at $1.04per litre ( with a discount fuel docket ).

*  Picked raspberries, and beans from the garden.

*  Made lots of gift tags to decorate gifted glass jars for Megan's baby shower next month..  These will be used as party favours

*  Kept the curtains closed on the hot days.  We didn't need to turn the evap cooling on until well after lunch.

*  Donated lots of goodies to Savers op shop and received a few discount stamps.

Made yoghurt from scratch.  I also bought a 1 kilo pot of natural yoghurt to use as a starter for more batches.  I've portioned it into ice cube trays and should get 14 x 1 kilo batches from the one pot.

*  Saved the shower warm up water to use in the washing machine and on the garden.

*  Mended a top and moved some buttons on a pair of pants ( they were too loose )

*  Sold a pair of new school shoes that Megan didn't get to wear.

*  Dried all washing on the clothesline or clothes horses.

*  Wrapped a few presents using saved plastic from bunches of flowers ( wiped down of course ).

Handmade wrapped soaps.

Gift tags for baby shower

Using recycled plastic wrap

 How did you save money is week ?

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