Tuesday, December 4, 2018

November 2018 ' Use It Up ' Challenge Update


With November coming to an end last week,  so too did our ' Use It Up ' challenge.  I don't think I used up everything on my original post at the start of November but I'm pretty pleased with my effort.   Here's my list of achievements -

*  Used scraps of material to decorated jars of jam I sell or give as presents.  I also cut out extra circles ready for my next batch of jam making.

*  Use a shower moisturiser sample tube.  I even cut the tube in half to get another 4 portions out.  Darren used a travel sized conditioner and shower gel.

*  We ditched the foaming hand soap in the ensuite  ( for now )  and used up two bars of soap I had sitting in the cupboard.

*  Decorated a few more department store gift bags with scraps of decorated paper / cardstock.

*  This year I'm using 8 gift bags from my stash and lots of tissue paper for Christmas present giving.  I'll be on a mission next year to use more gift bags.   They seem to multiply faster than I can use them.

*  Used scraps of card making paper to make lots of gift tags for future use.

*  Made a conscious effort to use quite a few tea light candles and my soy melt burner to have a lovely fragrance in my home.  Just like the gift bags,  I'm sure the tea lights multiply in my home.  During November I used approximately 9 or 10 tea lights.

Pretty hats for the homemade jam.

How did you go with the ' Use It Up ' challenge ?

Did you achieve any of your goals ?

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