Friday, November 9, 2018

The Ups And Downs Of Life

Our week has been crazy busy.  Infact,  the last few weeks have flown by with barely a chance to rest.  Due to this I am unable to post this week's frugal tasks list.  I've been writing my frugal doings down as I go but haven't had the time to write it in a post.

Yesterday my Dad had major eye surgery.  The hospital is in the city about 45 minutes away.  My Mum hasn't been well all year and due to this illness hasn't been able to drive.  She's only just got back on the road but unable to drive long distances.  The family are all pitching in to take Mum each day to see Dad.  We are hoping to have him home mid next week.

Unfortunately Jessica's wedding has been cancelled.  Circumstances beyond ours and Jessica's control changed and it just couldn't happen any more.  We've gone through some tough days together with lots of hugs and God keeping us strong..  Jessica is ok and has kept herself busy with Uni exams.

I would like to ask that no comments about the wedding be posted on Facebook.  

Darren has been super busy finishing up his Bible College studies for the year.  He has an exam coming up shortly.  He's also been organising the community day our church holds on the last Saturday of November.  Yesterday Darren and I were at the church packing 200 hampers with a team of helpers.

Due to all of this  I've plunged myself into Christmas preparations.  I've put out a few Christmas decorations to cheer us all up.  I know it's early but we needed something to brighten our home. The Christmas tree will go up either today or tomorrow.

I finished the Christmas shopping this week except for a few last minute stocking stuffers ( chips and lollies ).  Last night I was up late wrapping and labelling all the presents.  I've made about 15 Christmas cards and will finish making and writing this next week.

Next week's frugal task list should be twice as long ( I hope ).

If you have been busy saving money this week I'd love to hear all about it.

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