Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Shopping The Supermarket Specials

One way to reduce your food budget without compromising on quality is to buy brand name items on special. Most branded items come on sale at some time. Some of them come on sale every 4 or 6 weeks while others like soups will be more of a seasonal sale item. 

Checking catalogues on a regular basis is a great starting point. If you see something on sale that you would normally use, ask yourself these questions before you buy-

* Do I normally use this item ?
* How many can I use within a good time frame ?
* Is this a good price or is there a better sale price ?
* How many can I store ?
* How many can my budget afford ?

A good sale price ( for me ) is 30 - 50 % off. When it's a 50% sale and a much used item I've been known to clear out the supermarket shelf. I can do this because I always have spare money in my food slush fund especially for this purpose.

If you don't have a food slush fund yet, see if you can buy an extra one or two items. Then when you go shopping next time you can cross that item off your list. This will free up some money to buy a different item on sale. Then the cycle begins. Your food spending will gradually decrease as you shop the sales. Before you know it you'll be buying everything on sale and your grocery budget will be slashed.  

Do you shop the sales ?

What grocery item will you bulk buy ?

You can never have too much tea.

A Winter sale item

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