Tuesday, September 18, 2018

My Monthly Grocery Shop Sept / Oct 2018

As you are probably aware,  I feed my family on a very tight budget.  At the moment I'm feeding three adults and one cat.  For the last 4 - 5 months the grocery budget has been $120 per month including basic cleaning supplies and toiletries.  It has been tight some months with either no money left over or needing to use the grocery slush fund to make it to the end of the month.

Due to this I've increased the grocery budget to $150 per month.  Sept / Oct is the first grocery shop with the new budget.  We'll see how I go.  Lots of readers have asked for my shopping list to see what I'm buying.  I don't mind sharing but typing out all the items and prices would be time consuming. So here are the photos and receipts of the purchases so far -






If you are wondering where the rest of the food is,  please remember I have a very good stockpile of pretty much everything.  I have enough toilet paper,  toothpaste,  toothbrushes,  deod,  shampoo,  conditioner and makeup for the next year or two.  I make my own soap instead of using shower gel and Darren uses it instead of shampoo.

Generally once or twice a year I stock up on herbs,  spices,  dried fruit and nuts from Hindustan Imports.  Occasionally I pop in for a couple of items that are running low.

I have enough roast beef and silverside in the freezer for the next few months at least.  I still have enough chicken drumsticks for four meals and one whole chicken.  We ran out of chicken fillets a couple of months ago but because the prices are too dear at the moment,  we are doing without.  I have two legs of lamb in the freezer waiting for a special occasion.  Each leg does about 3 - 4 meals.  The mince I bought this month is to make hamburger patties.  I still have about 3 kilos of mince in the freezer to use for other dishes.

When I did this shop I still had half a cauliflower,  one kilo of carrots,  half a pumpkin, eight potatoes and a few frozen veggies on hand.  Soon we'll be picking our own silverbeet on a very regular basis.  The mushrooms and tomatoes in the photo were for homemade pizza on Monday night.

We are not big fruit eaters in the cooler weather but I still had mandarins in the fridge and was gifted apples from a friend. 

Over the next few weeks I'll be popping into the shops to top up on milk,  fruit and veg as needed.

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