Friday, August 24, 2018

This Week's Frugal Tasks Saturday 25th August 2018

Weekends seem to be a great time to get lots of frugal jobs done.  Here's what I got up to this week -

Made raspberry and white chocolate muffins using raspberries we grew last Summer.

*  Made a batch of soap with olive oil and coconut oil.  It's hardened pretty quickly so as soon as I try it I'll let you all know if it's a good one.  I'll post the recipe in the next couple of months.

*  Sold soup,  muffins and mini quiches to a cleaning client.  She was most grateful for the goodies due to her life being super busy looking after her extended family.

*  Bought a large tray of sausages marked down by 20%.  I bag the sausages up into meal sizes so nothing is wasted.

*  Redeemed a $20 voucher for the kitchen shop called House.  I put it towards a candy thermometer for soap making ( hot process ) and a small frypan marked down from $70 to $20.

*  Gratefully received a bag of lemons.

*  Darren and I attended a free movie night at our church last weekend.  We saw the movie I Can Only Imagine.  If you get the chance to watch it please do.  It's based on a true story about forgiveness.

*  Used the door snake and closed the curtain when the temperature dropped and the winds picked up.  Every little bit helps to keep our energy usage down.

*  Saved the shower warm up water,  drink bottle water and washing machine water to reuse where we could.

*  Planted lettuce seedlings in the veggie garden.

*  Fed the compost bins with kitchen scraps.

*  This week's op shop finds - a white lamp shade for $2.99,  a study stainless steel potato masher and slotted spoon for $2.99 together and Royal Albert melamine plates ( new ) 2 for $2.99.  I like to pop in once a week because I never know what I'll find.

Olive oil and coconut oil soap

Raspberry and white chocolate muffins

Mini quiches

 As of the start of September I will no longer be publishing readers comments if there is no name attached to the comment.  

What was on your frugal list this week ?

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