Tuesday, August 28, 2018

5 Quick Ways To Save Money

Saving money doesn't have to be painful or time consuming.  Keep the cash in your purse and still live a great life.

*  Take a well prepared shopping list with you when you do the grocery shopping.  Stick to the list.

*  Borrow CDs,  DVDs and magazines from your local library.  They are free to borrow and could save you a small fortune.  Having more variety and less clutter are added bonuses.

*  Cut your own hair.  If your hair needs a basic trim,  ask a family member to do it for you.  Jessica has just started going to a hairdresser but if she needs a trim,  I use my $10 Kmart scissors ( bought about 20 years ago ).  Megan has been to a hairdresser twice and didn't like the result.  She won't let anyone but me touch her hair now.

*  Carry a bottle of water wherever you go.  Keeping hydrated is important and will save a trip to the doctor.  If you are out longer than first planned,  a bottle of water will keep you going instead of ducking into a café.

*  Add extra veggies to a casserole to stretch the meal.  Freeze the leftovers.

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