Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Keeping Warm This Winter

Keeping warm in Winter can at times be a challenge.  Turning the heater up seems to be our first thought but it isn't very cost effective.  Here are a few super budget friendly ideas -

*  Drink a hot cup of tea,   coffee,  hot chocolate,  Bonox,  vegemite and water ( you get my drift ).  The heat of the drink seems to warm up our insides.

*  Heat up a heat pack and place it in your bed 15 minutes before climbing in.  This is a much safer option than an electric blanket or hot water bottle.  It's also cheaper and more comfy than an electric blanket.

*  Put on an extra jumper,  a scarf ,  gloves or hoodie jacket.  You might not look like the height of fashion but you'll be warm.

*  Wrap your hands around a cup of tea or coffee.  Be careful not to burn yourself.

*  Soak in a hot bath with bubbles. The bubbles seem to keep the heat in the water longer.  If your bathroom is close to the laundry,  bucket some of the water into the washing machine when you've finished taking your bath.

*  Put an extra blanket on your bed.

*  Close your curtains as soon as the Sun goes down.

*  Keep moving.  Our bodies warm up when we are doing something.

*  Wash the dishes by hand.  Ok,  this isn't my favourite  tip but the hot water really does warm me up.

How do you keep warm on the cold days ?

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