Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Buying Budget Friendly Gifts.

Buying gifts for family and friends should be joyful.  When the budget is tight,  it can be a  real challenge..  Here's how I manage to buy lovely gifts without blowing the budget or taking out a loan.

*  Perfumes are at their cheapest around Mother's Day,  Valentine's Day and Christmas / Boxing Day.  Larger chemists quite often offer the cheapest prices.  Stock up on the favourites and store in a cool dark place until the occasion arrives.

*  Aftershave is in abundance and at rock bottom prices around Father's Day.

*  Pool toys and  beach towels are on clearance towards the end of Summer.  Stock up for the following Christmas or kid's birthday parties.

*  Christmas platters,  plates, table runners and bowls are sold at bargain prices straight after Christmas.  Stock up because they make wonderful presents for the following Christmas or any occasion during December.

*  Football merchandise should be bought towards the end of the finals or after the grand final.  If you are not fussy about the brand,  have a look at stocks in department stores.

*  Power tools and general hardware might be on sale for Father's Day or for Spring renovations.

*  Slippers,  coffee mugs,  blankets,  cushions and chocolate are on sale for Mother's Day,  Father's Day and just after.  Blankets are definitely on clearance after Winter.

*  Baking utensils,  patty cases and  cookie cutters come on sale just after Mother's Day,  Easter and Christmas.

*  Eskys,   cooler bags and electric fans will be heavily discounted after Summer.  Supermarkets generally offer fantastic prices on these items.

If you still can't find a gift to fit your budget,  bake some giant cookies ( for the males and teens ) or fill up a pretty jar for the females.  It really is the thought that counts,  not the price tag.

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