Tuesday, June 12, 2018

5 Ways To Reuse Glass Jars

Do you look at empty pasta sauce jars,  tomato paste jars and jam jars and wonder if you can use them instead of throwing them in the recycling bin ?  They just seem too good to throw out don't they ?  Here are a few ways to reuse them and save a bit of money -

*  Store your much used herbs and spices in them for freshness.  I use lots of dried onion flakes,  parsley,  basil,  oregano,  chives,  rosemary and garlic.  The larger jars would be awesome.

*  Glass jars of all shapes and sizes make wonderful vases.  Just cut the stems to suit the jar height and arrange them into a stylish posy.  Very posh and very elegant.

*  Select glass jars with the pop button lid to store your homemade jam,  relish and lemon butter in.  Add a cute material hat, ribbon  and label to give it a completed look and you have yourself an inexpensive gift to give for any occasion.

*  Glass jars perfect for storing screws,  nuts,  bolts and nails in the garage.  Many people like to nail the lid to the underneath of a shelf.  Then just screw the jar on.

*  Little tea lights look fantastic in glass jars.  Pop the tea light in by itself or add a little sand,  stones,  shells,  glitter or anything inflammable for a themed look.    

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